Amphisbaena kingii

• King’s worm lizard
• Víbora ciega de cabeza en cuña

Scientific classification
Species:A. kingii

Solymar, Canelones, Uruguay

Anops kingi is the type species of the genus Anops BELL 1833. MOTT & VIEITES 2009 synonymized Anops with Amphisbaena, as it nests within Amphisbaena (confirmed by Longrich et al. 2015). STEJNEGER (1916) states that Anops is pre-occupied by a crustacean and thus suggested a replacement name, Anopsibaena.

Vanzolini (1999), based mostly on skull morphology, diagnosed the genus Anops with the following combination of characters: laterally compressed snout, with a keel formed by the vertical process of the premaxilla which entirely separates the nasal bones; an angle between maxilla and premaxilla; basypterigoid process and choanarum posterior portion absent; rodlike quadrate; premaxillary teeth 5–7, maxillary 3–4, mandibular 6–7, pleurodont dentition; rostral pronounced forming a vertical blade. No differentiated segments in the body annuli.

Named after Captain and Admiral Philip Parker King (1791-1856), Australian-born British marine surveyor and collector.

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