Coptopteryx gayi

• Mantis de Alas Cortas de Gay
• Small-winged Gay´s Mantis
• Louva-a-deus de Asas Curtas de Gay

Scientific classification:
Superdomain: Neomura
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Opisthokonta
(unranked) Holozoa
(unranked) Filozoa
Kingdom: Animalia
Order: Mantodea
Suborder: Eumantodea
Infraorder: Schizomantodea
Superfamily: Acanthopoidea
Family: Coptopterygidae
Genus: Coptopteryx
Species:C. gayi

Solymar, Canelones, Uruguay

Photo Taken: March 19, 2021
High resolution
Flickr Gallery

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