Parodia herteri

Origin and Habitat: Parodia herteri has a very restricted range in Brazil, (Rio Grande do Sul) and Uruguay ( Rivera, Artigas, Cerro Galgo), extent of occurrence is approximately 4,500 km2.

Scientific classification:
(unranked):Core eudicots
Species:P. Species:P. herteri

Critically endangered species

24 years old specimen from my collection

Habitat: Grows in a a sandy and rocky soil, in grasslands or pampas at low altitude (100-400 metres above sea level). It is not abundant and several subpopulations have already disappeared. It has several ongoing major threats that have drastically reduced the species’ population and its habitat. The major threats for the species are fires, agriculture, forestry, grazing and urban sprawl. The species is used as an ornamental in specialized collections, but specimens are not collected from the wild.

Photo Taken: December 04, 2021
High resolution
Flickr Gallery

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