Ziphius cavirostris

• Zifio o ballenato de Cuvier
• Cuvier’s beaked whale

🐋 SENDA DE LOS CETÁCEOS, a project of the Fuerteventura Island Council, foresees the recovery of some skeletons to expose them as sculptures of nature in tribute to the cetaceans of the Canary Islands, with the intention that these natural works are integrated into a landscape that belongs to them by right, at the edge of the sea.

The restoration and articulation of the bone structures have been developed by a team of biologists and specialists led by Manuel Carrillo, founder and president of Canarias Conservación.

Scientific classification:
Species:Z. cavirostris

El Cotillo, La Oliva, Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias

Photo Taken: April 13, 2023
High resolution
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